THE CRUMBCAST // Real Men Burn Their Jockstraps in Support of Women!

Or maybe they don’t. It’s their choice really. They can have a cup of tea and a lie down if they prefer.

Okay, so I’m not a feminist, but this doesn’t excuse me from showing support to my sisters out there. They’re speaking up, and it’s been a long time coming, so I’m-a-gonna turn my hearing aid on and have me a listen. Might learn something.

By the by, my latest Crumbcast is a babble about the thorny issue of feminism as a label. Yes, I know… I’m a fool. Be gentle?

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31 thoughts on “THE CRUMBCAST // Real Men Burn Their Jockstraps in Support of Women!

  1. hehe I’m a woman, an egalitarian, but never a feminist- so I salute you for this piece! Very well thought out! You were right to say that parity of the sexes still hasn’t happened- but it’s a shame that people won’t acknowledge that a huge number of those problems are addressed towards men. I don’t agree that we currently live in a patriarchal society though- the evidence toted by feminists is usually baseless (the wage gap myth, the rape culture lie- it’s pretty exhausting hearing these toted after they’ve been widely debunked- I really recommend watching Christina Hoff Sommers, the factual feminist, explaining this). And I think it’s important to note that even if society used to be patriarchal- is it really fair to punish people for the sins of their fathers? Like you said, there is an oppressive element to this- but I’d like to offer another perspective on this “vile ruthlessness” (good term)- because a lot of the reasons for the *earnings* (not wage) gap and discrepancy of women in positions of power comes down to *choice* (freedom and not some oppressive patriarchy)- so is it not oppressive to women to push them into jobs and fields that they do not want to be in? I do think it has become too dogmatic. I think it’s so important, like you said, for people not to see themselves as a victim. I hope this wasn’t too forward of me to comment like this. Really enjoyed your podcast.

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    • I’m going to have to check out Christina Hoff Sommers’s thoughts on all of this, so thank you for making me aware! And I must agree with you that women (like men) should be free to be exactly whomever they want to be. Thanks so much for visiting and adding such excellent food for thought!

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