THE CRUMBCAST // Real Men Burn Their Jockstraps in Support of Women!

Or maybe they don’t. It’s their choice really. They can have a cup of tea and a lie down if they prefer.

Okay, so I’m not a feminist, but this doesn’t excuse me from showing support to my sisters out there. They’re speaking up, and it’s been a long time coming, so I’m-a-gonna turn my hearing aid on and have me a listen. Might learn something.

By the by, my latest Crumbcast is a babble about the thorny issue of feminism as a label. Yes, I know… I’m a fool. Be gentle?

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31 thoughts on “THE CRUMBCAST // Real Men Burn Their Jockstraps in Support of Women!

  1. Woahh man!! Brilliant peace of writing. This blog is 💯💯💯❤.please visit my too it will be my pleasure that gr8 bloggers like you visiting. But still dude you rock. 🙇🙇🙇🔥

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  2. Nicely put, I couldn’t agree more.
    I think one of the issues we have with feminism is the extremist views which create a lot of noise and attention on youtube, these kind of taint the word feminism and actually make any kind of real discussion impossible. There was a lot of noise about Anita Sarkeesian at Vidcon for example.

    I prefer to think of us all as individuals. And respect each others individuality. The way I would try to support feminism is in the specifics for example:
    – I advocate for equal pay (can’t believe there is still a pay gap in most jobs!)
    – I advocate for more woman as leaders in business, but not by over looking me, but rather for making the company look more attractive to women etc.

    I personally have a negative unconscious mindset about diversity topic in general, I have had to sit through so many corporate trainings which always focussed on; via awful corporate videos:
    – Don’t try to pick up your female colleagues
    – Don’t be racist against black people..

    I have to watch those videos and meanwhile people at work have joked about 1) my red hair, 2) my baldness, 3) my being scottish on occasion. I was also over looked for a promotion once because they wanted a female senior manager.

    The thing I realised is we all have a bias based on our personal experience, and it never ties up with others experience as we tend to take our own situation personally and emotionally.

    So I; rather than follow one group at a generic level, think we just need to be respectful of everyones differences and try to work together on this.

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    • I hear you. Be respectful to everyone on an individual basis. I work best this way too. I don’t do well with the bigger picture anyway, but I can handle the smaller, ground roots perspective just fine. When there’s a face and a name, I tend to feel more connected. Groups? Not so much. 🙂

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    • Thinking about how we often take these topics personally, and hence why some take offense at feminism, even when it’s completely valid, I was just reminded of the Buddhist saying, “everyone appears as buddhas in the eyes of Buddha and everyone appears as pigs, in the eyes of a pig, so we experience feminism now based on what it really is, but based on the state of our mind.. (in my way am I calling men pigs, it’s just the way the saying goes, it could have been lions!)

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    • You make some very good points though, Alex. I think that’s what it is at the end of the day. These things are often what we make of them, which means we must rise above being pigs and be lions instead. Or something like that. 😛

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  3. It took me many years to embrace the feminist label, due in part to the smearing of the word “feminist” by groups whose best interests lay in keeping women in a second class citizen status. Those groups painted feminists in the ugliest of terms. They claimed that feminists hated men and inferred that only women who couldn’t find a husband were feminists.

    A few years ago I had an epiphany. Feminism isn’t about wanting more than men, or hating men. It’s about having opportunities equal to those men have. Women in the US still only make about 71 cents to every dollar their make counterparts make. Our health care needs are deemed less critical.

    I’m a proud feminist. I’ll fight for my daughter and my granddaughters to have the same rights and opportunities that my son and my grandsons enjoy. But I’ll also fight for men’s rights. It’s not pie, just because one group gets equal rights doesn’t mean fewer for others. I woke up too late to help myself, but I’ll do everything I my power to help them.

    I’m pretty passionate about this. Thanks for starting the conversation.

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  4. Haven’t worn one of those in 40 years … I like the angle of dangle.

    Supporting women? Of course! Yet, it seems, women do not need much support. In Canada they do just fine by themselves. Of course there is always prejudice. Where isn’t there? We seem to be prejudiced by design? Cheers Jamie

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