Button’s Big Boo


Yes, it’s that time of year again. The ghouls and witches and all other manner of beasties are coming out of hibernation to ensure that humanity becomes increasingly perverted by fear and frivolity. They want nothing more than to have a vulgar party on cemetery grounds and to stuff poor, helpless mortal faces with sweets and other freebies. How shocking!

The situation has gotten so bad that even Button is getting himself into trouble. Oh, wait, he’s always getting into trouble so, no change there then. In this video, in his own adorable way, Button discourses on Wilde, Hitler, Hanukkah and… erm, a certain unmentionable medical procedure. (You have been warned!)

We hope you’ll enjoy our silly little whim, and wish you a happy and spooky Halloween!

© All rights reserved 2017

30 thoughts on “Button’s Big Boo

  1. Lovely. I’m with Button. The peculiarity of Halloween in an Australian spring means it is much later when it gets dark so more creepy, not like at 5 pm in the winter. Who knows what dreadful things are lurking in the dark after 9 pm and you can’t see the orb spider webs. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

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  2. This was a very charming little clip. I felt the spooky chills through the screen (granted it was more adorable) in a friendly Casper way shall we say. A Happy Halloween to you.

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  3. ha ha laugh monkey. monkey note uncanny resemblance of own voice to voice of button critter and speculate that maybe there hidden relationship way back in family tree of both.

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