SPAM® Sushi #10

Mayhem! So *this* is what the bridge of the Enterprise should look like when Khan lobs a couple of photon torpedoes at them.
— pnrrrqba

Mayhem! So *this* is what our brains look like when we try to make the connection between your comment and our post. Is there one? Obviously, we’ll need to embark on a five year mission to rewatch the entire Star Trek franchise so as to obtain a deeper understanding of photon torpedoes, transparent aluminium and other celestial shit. Actually, see ya in 2264, because it’s going to take a hell of a lot longer than that to finish all episodes and be ready with an answer! Jesus.
— Tati & Tony (Ensigns of the Redshirts are Dead Meat Brigade)

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13 thoughts on “SPAM® Sushi #10

  1. Intricate yourself together and take courses in quantum computing. With photons in all states, you never know which one, yet the result is press-button. “Let the comments come, and the article will be written respecting the principles of uncertainty” (Oh, my God, I lost the arrow of time again)

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  2. “Khan ! Khannnnnnnnn !!!!!” well, I think you are ignoring the Shatner, never ignore the Shatner, he is like the Chick Norris… of space… or at least pretend space… and the future, I think pnrrrqba is obviously a prophet (subtle double)…

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