the day after

there are many things
i just cannot comprehend
why give them head space
why enshrine them in my heart
go ahead and call me fool

i wish only peace
serenity for the soul
merely do my best
i don’t need to beat a drum
nor have any notice me

someone conquers mars
someone sells bad bananas
someone invents worth
none of this matters to me
remember? i am a fool

you can laugh at me
but when you’ve become bankrupt
(i don’t mean money)
i’ll be gone, so far away
basking in another day

© All rights reserved 2019

20 thoughts on “the day after

  1. Beautiful words and well written. I have been struggling with this same concept of enshrining someone in my heart and taking up too much of my headspace. Your poetry capitalizes this so thank you.

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    • I’m so glad this was of some help to you. It’s good to be reminded that our words have real power for our readers sometimes, and it’s quite a humbling thought. I’m grateful for you telling me so.

      Liked by 2 people

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