PERFECTION IN ACTION // Priorities 101

I studied my Christmas tree, not comprehending what was wrong with it. Something was off.

I circumnavigated it like a fretful boat on a sea that was too calm—as if expecting a kraken to suddenly breach its briny surface.

Everything was there. Shiny garlands. Christmas balls. Even a ruby star on top! So… what gave?

Then I looked at the wall. My calendar read May 23rd. I considered this… and took the calendar down.

I adjusted one of the balls then got on with my day. Who cared about dates when I was in a perfect New Year’s mood?

© All rights reserved 2021

the day after

there are many things
i just cannot comprehend
why give them head space
why enshrine them in my heart
go ahead and call me fool

i wish only peace
serenity for the soul
merely do my best
i don’t need to beat a drum
nor have any notice me

someone conquers mars
someone sells bad bananas
someone invents worth
none of this matters to me
remember? i am a fool

you can laugh at me
but when you’ve become bankrupt
(i don’t mean money)
i’ll be gone, so far away
basking in another day

© All rights reserved 2019