Choose Your Challenge!

Hey. Hey! Don’t go! Please, dear wanderer, stay!

Do you think you’ve stumbled into the snobby Hall of Fame of Unbolt Me? Nope! It’s not ours. It’s yours! We created this page for you, dear wanderer!

Feel free to pick any item and make a wonderful post. Then feel free to share this with your friends. Make us happy by leaving a comment here (but we promise to not cry if you would prefer to remain an incognita.)

Hell, feel free to come back and try another!

Oh… no! Please, don’t shut the door! Leave it open, OK?

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98 thoughts on “Choose Your Challenge!

    • Thank you for hitting Like on my post Hounds of the Underworld… at
      Now, where do I find a Follow button here? “cause I’d like to see your stuff in my WordPress Reader!

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    • There should be one there somewhere. Should be one in the bottom right corner, or, depending where ur viewing from, should be one in the sidebar found on my blog page (on a phn u might need to scroll all the way past the posts to see the sidebar)
      Or else you can copy the url then go to
      Reader > Followed sites > Manage > paste url in box > hit the follow button that appears below

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