Book Club Release ~ The one 18+ collaboration

“Tous les genres sont bons, hors le genre ennuyeux.” (All styles are good except the tiresome kind.) Voltaire, L’Enfant Prodigue, Preface.

My dearest readers, I submit for your judgment my new collaboration.

Well… I should admit that erotica isn’t my forte. That’s why when I received a request about a collaboration from eroticmusings my first thought was something like, ‘Какого хрена…’ But later I scratched my nape and mumbled, “OK, let’s try.” (I’m bold unbolt after all!)

I can’t say that it was easy, but it was great fun nevertheless. Thank you, eroticmusings! (And I’m sorry if I was too dominant here.)


A dank day. Rain gives the leaf slaps in the face
exactly how you slapped me yesterday.
I obey you. Rain drops seep through foggy lace.
Reality sinks like a castaway.

A cuneiform flows along your spine.
Your Code of Hammurabi is fair and plain.
Guilty as charged! I’m naked and supine.
You enforce a judgement with serene disdain.

I recall menthol smoke and a ruby trace.
Silk fabrics. Ice cubes on the sweating tray.
Long viscous waves of desire softly erase
friable mounds of anguish along the way.

My heart rhythm gasps with a rapid splitting sine.
I squirm in a climax. Again… and again.
Last lines. I jerkily empty a glass of wine.
I’m ravished by my favorite novel and rain.

© All rights reserved 2015

34 thoughts on “Book Club Release ~ The one 18+ collaboration

  1. Please let me say how grateful I am to be taken up by this collaboration with Tia – though I had no idea she would bring such a powerful ideal to the project – where I wrote my work quickly, she anticipated a stronger response. Her attention to detail without question humbled me, and I am flattered she would even include my name with this lovely work. 🙂

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    • Hey… let me remind that it takes two to conceive 😛
      This poem wouldn’t come into the world without you, musings! Your name here is justly, it was your impulse… your semen.
      (OMG… I blush again. Yuck!) ^^’


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