Book Club Release ~ The one 18+ collaboration

“Tous les genres sont bons, hors le genre ennuyeux.” (All styles are good except the tiresome kind.) Voltaire, L’Enfant Prodigue, Preface.

My dearest readers, I submit for your judgment my new collaboration.

Well… I should admit that erotica isn’t my forte. That’s why when I received a request about a collaboration from eroticmusings my first thought was something like, ‘Какого хрена…’ But later I scratched my nape and mumbled, “OK, let’s try.” (I’m bold unbolt after all!)

I can’t say that it was easy, but it was great fun nevertheless. Thank you, eroticmusings! (And I’m sorry if I was too dominant here.)


A dank day. Rain gives the leaf slaps in the face
exactly how you slapped me yesterday.
I obey you. Rain drops seep through foggy lace.
Reality sinks like a castaway.

A cuneiform flows along your spine.
Your Code of Hammurabi is fair and plain.
Guilty as charged! I’m naked and supine.
You enforce a judgement with serene disdain.

I recall menthol smoke and a ruby trace.
Silk fabrics. Ice cubes on the sweating tray.
Long viscous waves of desire softly erase
friable mounds of anguish along the way.

My heart rhythm gasps with a rapid splitting sine.
I squirm in a climax. Again… and again.
Last lines. I jerkily empty a glass of wine.
I’m ravished by my favorite novel and rain.

© All rights reserved 2015

Thank You!

It’s happiness and pride for every writer to get grateful and skilled readers, to inspire them, to encourage them for their own oeuvre. Honestly, when we started our trilogy, we didn’t expect such amazing feedback.

We were overwhelmed when we got such a brilliant spin-off of the first installment Bastet, a heartwarming and intimate story called Triune-Heartby Madam Marmoset. The second part Sekhmet was awarded with a colorful and daring dilogy In the Corner with Maftet in Bubastisby Jonathan Noble.

There are mixed feelings when you watch how your characters move out of your control; it’s a delightful mix of envy and pride. You try to guess their next step, and fail gladly. You want to predict the next twist, but you want even more than that to be surprised. It’s like laying an egg again. You never know what’s going to be inside. Bliss!

We always publish our guest posts with special feelings. We celebrate every new ‘like’ and every warm comment. We’re both very proud and happy.

Thank you, dear community, dear Writers and Readers, friends! Thank you!

Yours ever,
Tati & Tony

© All rights reserved 2015

Forbidden fruit

I’m grateful to my father
for Maupassant and Poe
who were forgotten on the highest shelf

If a book falls into my hands by itself
and says, “Read me, bro!”
would I really bother?

© All rights reserved 2015