DOLLY MIXTURE (With Love to Women) // A Lobster Candy 100 Word Skittle

And he said, “For you, my Daughter, I have the best gift. An unique one. You’ll have the voice of a siren.”

“But I am a siren, Father!” Confusion was writ across her face. “I lured a bonny sailor to his death this very morn!”

“It adds not to one’s fame to send men to their doom. Try to save at least one life to tell the two things apart.”

And so her voice sounded like a warning siren from that day forth. And she saved many men from burning houses in the middle of the ocean. It was weird.

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SPAM® Sushi #4

Singing worship songs is sweet however. That’s not the one option to worship. Daddy mentioned, perhaps to make Larry stop singing. There are lotѕ of ways to worship.

Well, maybe it wasn’t a great idea for Daddy to expel little Larry Flynt from the church choir because look at what he’s doing now. It seems there really are a lot of ways to worship!
—Tati & Tony (Association of the Malicious, Evil & Nefarious)

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100 WORD SKITTLE // Keb’s Descent

Do you remember where you were the day the red god fell? Like a cannon shot from the heavens it was, and I was only six. Ma was bouncing me off her knee. She stopped that quick smart. A lot of things stopped that day. My childhood for one.

I couldn’t possibly comprehend all that this singular moment of deity impacting earth would take from me, but I’d soon come to. I’d learn that suddenly pa was gone, that I’d have to step up’ and be ‘the man of the household’.

There would be no more pony rides for me.

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Forbidden fruit

I’m grateful to my father
for Maupassant and Poe
who were forgotten on the highest shelf

If a book falls into my hands by itself
and says, “Read me, bro!”
would I really bother?

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