Duck Kettle Plat

The duck said to the platypus,
“You a bird or a beaver, man?
And why you got puss in your name?
You’re no cat.”

The platypus said to the duck,
“Lay off me, bro. I’m the Splatterpus.
I’ll flip and egg you straight from the anus.
Try liking that!”

The duck retorted,
“Cool it with the macho platitudes, platydude!
Go play in traffic, man.
Be a flatypus.”

The platypus sniped,
“Oh, that’s original,
playing on my name like that!
You’re a lame duck.”

And then they had a fist fight
though neither had fists. When they realised this,
they stopped flapping uselessly and
clubbed each other to death with their massive bills instead.

So much for race relations.


© All rights reserved 2016

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