Open-Source Poetry #3

Dear Readers,

Our humble little Open-Source Poetry experiment continues, and it’s clear that you’ve all been enjoying this opportunity to collaborate. It’s because of your efforts that a wonderful prickly new poem is being born, and we love it!

Seriously, we’re floored by the contributions we’ve received so far. So many of them! And so creative! Thank you so much for playing with us. We hope you enjoy the line we’ve chosen. It was written by none other than artsychick82. Your contribution was precisely what we needed!

So, to everyone else, welcome to the next round! We can’t wait to be surprised by your unexpected word wizardry. We can’t wait to have our socks knocked off then knocked back on again! Go nuts, Dear Readers! Bristle! Crackle with invention! Buzz!

Oh, and for those that require a little refresher of how this all works…

1) We provide the next line of the poem.
2) You write the following line.
3) You submit your line via the comments section of this very post.
4) We pick the line we like most and add it to the poem.
5) We publish every line to date in a follow-up post.
6) Steps 1-5 are repeated until we have a masterpiece!

Let’s keep the madness going!


What if I said sorry for saying sorry all the time?
Or should I just give you a baby porcupine?
Alas, it will be one and the same outcome
Saying sorry results with quills in your bum

From now on I will change my approach Вензель_нижний

© All rights reserved 2017

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