i may never

you died in the month of may, didn’t you
when you slipped and fell from the dead god’s hand
you knew then that you’d only led yourself astray
that silence was not the only silence

and all you could think to say
how is my life not mine
never have i deserved to die
never was i requested to live

you’re the once and ever failure, aren’t you
you never could shine as bright as they
all crafted jewel and curated moments
superior vessels built for purpose

and all you could think to say
how are these tears divine
never have i deserved to die
never was i requested to live

you’re the shadow that shrank behind, so you
became harrowed when tracing your heart song
and moths stole along, they ate your pockets
and then all of your dreams trailed sore away

and all you could think to say
i am the last of my kind
never have i deserved to die
never was i requested to live

© All rights reserved 2018

39 thoughts on “i may never

  1. Another tormented offering, the battle between the unbolded letters.
    But the bolded words speak another rhyme. Of the shadow that shrank behind all of your dreams I requested.
    And I wonder who is submitting and who is gaining. Did you plan a poem in a poem? Or was it a universal blessing?
    Maybe my favorite thus far. This battle, hurt and anger you purvey, is it nearing its end, or do you work at it?

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    • It’s funny you should say that, Marta. I’ve thought about it quite a bit. Alas, I have zero music talent, and couldn’t sing to save my life. I do fantasise about it though! 😛

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    • Don’t you ever sing in the shower? That is the first step! 😉 Anyway, now seriouly… you could find a musician-singer friend and do this artistic project together. You could even recite or read aloud a part of the poem without singing and then the other person playing the instrument and singing. You would be promoting and helping each other. Look at this Catalan example where we have two singers. One of them plays the piano as well (he is singer- songwriter Lluís Llach, the other singer is Sílvia Pérez Cruz). They take turns in singing parts of the poem “Ara mateix” (“Right Now”) written by poet Miquel Martí i Pol. And then there’s former Barça football team couch Josep Guardiola who reads another part of the poem aloud. (watch from minute 0:41 onward):

      Here you will find the English translation of the poem under a video with actress Sílvia Bel’s brilliant performance:
      Obviously all these are wonderful projects, but you could start a less ambitious one. Remember the last lines of the poem:

      “Let us call out and may everyone listen.
      And then, let everyone dress
      as he or she will, and Come on!,
      for we have yet to start, and everything’s possible.” 💪 ☮️ 🎗️ ✌️

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    • Thank you for the great examples, Marta, and you’re right. It could be cool to enlist some musical friends to have a crack at one or two of our poems. I’ve already had one wonderful friend do this and her rendition of one of my poems was absolutely stunning! Alas, she has requested that it be for mine and Tati’s ears only, so we are unable to share it with our loyal readers. You’ll all just have to take our word on it when we say we were moved by her thoughtful contribution. 🙂

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