Open-Source Poetry Three #2

Dear Readers,

Look at what Von Smith, the Great and Terrible, snuck into the comments section of our previous Open-Source Poetry post:

glistened all at once as I entered the bar
then a sad, unoccupied octopus caught my eye
she could see the calamari smile flit across my lips
a tentacle snatched my leg as I turned to leave
silence gripped the bar as she reeled me in
a group of groupers laughed at my panic, as I slid by
never again will I wear “Chicken of the Sea” cologne

We’ve actually had a little argument about this.

Tony reckons that this is Von’s extremely clever attempt to raise our communal poetry making efforts to new creative heights.

But Tati is convinced that Von’s a cybernetically enhanced ex-Navy dolphin whose current aim is to hack into Open Source Poetry using SQUID technology and other sensors implanted in his skull. Tati doesn’t know much about SQUIDs, but she’s heard stories, and she makes a point of never repeating them to Tony. He’d have nightmares for weeks!

So, anyway, Tati believes that Von’s afraid we’ve gotten the drop on him, and that we’re getting too close for comfort. She thinks that he thinks that we think he’s overthinking his next move, and that we’ll capture then torture him into revealing the scary truth about dolphins and their plans for world domination.

And, if that’s what he’s worried about, then he’d be right to tremble his flippers and fins. We won’t give up our World Literature Crusade against bad rhymes and frankenmammals! Yes, Tati and Runn1n90nempty’s daughter are in the game already, and they’re here to stay. Are you in? If so, here’s how you can help:

1) We provide the next line of the poem.
2) You write the following line.
3) You submit your line via the comments section of this very post.
4) We pick the line we like most and add it to the poem.
5) We publish every line to date in a follow-up post.
6) Steps 1-5 are repeated until we have a masterpiece!

Meanwhile, Tony’s calmly sniffing chamomiles as he plays through the water dungeon in Zelda. It would be fair to say that he’s having a whale of a time!


wet backs, sharp fangs, dangerous dolphin eyes
waves for crowns and blood in the water
they wade through utter slaughter


© All rights reserved 2019

51 thoughts on “Open-Source Poetry Three #2

  1. “The Wicked Mammal knew all too well he was being seen, Tati and Tony were on the case, he had no choice but to flee!

    Ah but an English toad crossed his path,

    “Dear Sir I thought only chickens did that,”

    The Toad with one cockeye and deep throat voice said,

    “And ey I thought fish stayed in the sea,”

    The secret agent became insulted,

    “Go away old horny toad,”

    The Toad he laughed and showed his Dick,

    “At least I don’t run from the girls!”

    The Dolphin became enraged but he had made a fatal mistake!, because now Tati and that magical toy-god thing were upon him and beat him unconscious with a stick!

    And here I end my tale until someone else takes up the troubadour mantle, I guess having a stuffed animal that thinks it’s a god comes in handy when it comes to beating evil sea animals!

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  2. and so the day of d transpires
    dead crowd the water as the day grows darker
    the dolphins do not know what is asunder
    just that their world now has thunder

    not sure why I went that way, but I did.. obviously.. it made me think of the normandy invasion, the mass of bodies in the water, what might the aquatic life think of all that, their sensitive senses ablaze in sensations of the world war of man, not just on sand, but in the water, so many did not make it to land.

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  3. Hi.
    Hope You BOTH Well and
    Thanks for the invite. Enjoy
    much that You do. So well.

    Here’s mine. Mind of i, Shiro:

    …wet backs, sharp fangs, dangerous dolphin eyes
    waves for crowns and blood in the water.
    They wade through utter slaughter,.. wailing high,
    sunken deep. That Blue reverie. Of Neptune’s Daughters…

    Take Care.
    Till next…

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  4. With their noses clamped shut, this amphibious smut
    cannot rudder their blubberous d’ruthers to flutter to
    [I’m already being greedy with two lines; it’s more fun if the direction and aim of their locomotion stays open, I think, and offers a hinge to a shift in topic]

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