GUEST POST // For I Am A Woman by Lakmi

Splash on me
As waterfalls will
Hail down on me
Like rain storms will
Crash into me
Like great oceans will

And I will be unbroken

Sear my skin
Like a wildfire will
Puncture my soul
Like arrows will
Spear my heart
Like a great sword will

And I will be unshaken

© All rights reserved 2018

20 thoughts on “GUEST POST // For I Am A Woman by Lakmi

  1. I mean this as highest praise: This reminds me of Maya Angelou’s poetry. Obviously, I refer to “I Am a woman” but also to several other of her poems as well. They describe and unshakable, unmovable spirit of the woman who is sure of herself, proud of herself and able to do anything she sets her mind to.

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    • Thank you so much for this amazing feedback, Rae, and for sharing it on the ‘Powerful Women Readers’ site. I think Lakmi’s poem here is very much in the tradition of the late great Maya Angelou.

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    • Maya Angelou has been my hero since back in the 80’s when I went to hear her read in nearby Houston. I have read all 7 volumes of her autobiography and taught the first one. Just to think it would take seven books to tell one’s life story…AMAZING role model for us all, writers and ordinary folk alike.

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