Open-Source Poetry Four #4

Our Dearest Readers,

Who are we to stand in the way of progress? Yes, this poem seems to be very much progressing in a certain direction. We don’t quite know where it will end up, but at least it’s moving forward…

Still, this scares us a little. We were determined to complete the poem with today’s post, but it looks like it has other plans about its existence, and doesn’t want to be completed now. The poem has taken on a life of its own! Oh, freaking my!

Perhaps we could blame Munira Ezzi for this turn of events. It is, after all, the second contribution of hers to make it into our communal masterpiece. This is something that has never happened before! We cannot predict how this is going to end now, so strap yourselves in, Dearest Readers. It’s about to get bumpy!

So, anyway, it’s with trembling voices that we remind you of the following rules:

1) Read the current version of this communal poem below, and shake in your boots at all the different directions it could go. Then submit your own line or two for our consideration.
2) If we like your line (or two) the most, we’ll add it to this runaway railcar of a poem, and publish it in a follow-up post.
3) And so finally the whole process of submission and rejection will be done, and we’ll have the conclusion to this terrifying monstrosity!


hm, what should I draw?
maybe a hairy monster with a furry claw
or a demon crow that sticks in the craw
or a huge bloodstained saw

hm, what should I write?
maybe a slow growl will stir up a fright
or a girl will be twirled by a meat-eating kite
or grandma pole-dances in a bikini too tight

hm, what is that?
the words have disappeared, the pictures aren’t flat
they’ve come to life like a cockroach cravat
crawling helter-skelter ’til i scream like a prat


© All rights reserved 2020

38 thoughts on “Open-Source Poetry Four #4

  1. Haha! Oh how genuinely scary of you to choose my contribution again.

    I can’t tell if I’m more scared by the poem’s new direction or by the silent mob that hides behind the screen angry that they weren’t chosen (or the ones who now blame me for the sudden change of direction.)

    Well regardless I do believe in gratitude and I extend a hand to you.
    It has been nice participating and I think now I should retire… Well… Until Open Source Poetry #5.

    Good day to you all! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This poetry is interesting and I’ve read to the end
    What it’s about I cannot defend
    Monsters and girls and grandmas galore
    Can we add some mashed potatoes and gravy
    or perogies with bacon and onions for sure
    Everyone should just eat and relax and think nothing more.

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  3. Oh wow I’m starting to love this one.
    Joining in sounds like so much fun.
    Here’s my contribution
    for your consideration/retribution. ;))
    hm, dropped my scat!
    the words are tongue-twist terrifying at that
    m-m-my lovely m-m-mansistant disappeared into the hat
    let’s get’im out, bro; with your wand, give it a tap!
    And for an oddly musical intermission: The Scatman. :))

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Please check, I am not sure if it will maintain the flow. For the love of writing, here it goes:
    Hmm, what should I eat?
    I am hungry, in need of urgent treat.
    But I’m not a fan of sweet, ‘n I can’t eat meat.
    Wow, I found some peanuts, that’ll make me replete.

    Liked by 2 people

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