Open-Source Poetry #5 (Final)

Dear Readers,

All’s well that ends well. Nope… rather, all’s well that ends on schedule. Even the best things should end in their proper time, otherwise they risk losing something of their specialness.

That’s why today we took the courage to complete our communal poem. Like two obstetrists, we cut its umbilical cord, slapped its bottom and enjoyed the first cries of this newborn poem. We even gave it a name.

Well, now it’s time to sniff a little, brush away a furtive tear, and wave goodbye our first-born. But please, don’t be too concerned. We promise to start the next round very soon. This feature’s too much fun to simply let it die!

Stay tuned!


One Man Show

What if I said sorry for saying sorry all the time?
Or should I just give you a baby porcupine?
Alas, it will be one and the same outcome
Saying sorry results with quills in your bum

From now on I will change my approach
And make the pine and quill my coach
My steel derriere, my impenetrable armour
With rocketship flair, I will rise as a charmer

No more sorry for saying sorry all the time
Only a real man’s kneeling pantomime!


© All rights reserved 2018

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