100 WORD SKITTLE // Bookmark Me

Folks think it’s weird when a bookmark costs more than the book itself, but how can I deny myself this little whim? The more expensive the demarcation, the better I like it. Anyway, words are cheap.

It’s the only reason I carry a book in my bag. Whenever I open it and look at my hidden treasure, my heart sings. But not in words. No. It’s an inner reverberation that conveys more meaning than the text I’ve already forgotten.

An added benefit is the gazillion groupies that clamour for my attention. Girls tend to crush on bookish boys, you know!

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24 thoughts on “100 WORD SKITTLE // Bookmark Me

  1. Love it!! I’ve never rated an article with stars before and this should have had 5 stars, not the three I touched. Sigh! I tried it again and still messed up so may the missing stars be in your eyes now bringing you delight. Your free spirit truly puts twinkles of delight in mine. ❤️Michele

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  2. 100 Word Skittle//beer

    I stopped reading. I stopped carrying a bag. I stopped caring what women think. I stopped worrying about tomorrow. I only have time for videos. I even cut some of them short, when they fail to match their titles.

    I gave up vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and almost gave up thinking when the effort got too much. I settled on studying beer. I ask strangers directions to beer, even though they look at me strangely. I have started carrying a small German stein, the kind with a lid, which helps to keep it from spilling, although it does not always work.

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  3. I want your bookmark😁
    I too don’t care about the price of the bookmark if it is a thing of beauty. By it’s very nature it brightens up the dullest book. ❤️

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