the fitzroy killer

what kind of turtle breathes through its arse?
a brave one, that’s what, that moves real fast!
it doesn’t give a shit what you find reasonable
it’ll squeeze with its cheeks anything seasonable
be it bananas or tim tams or mini fridges
it’s all moshing green hair and bristling ridges
don’t stand in its path or it’ll gnaw your shoes
then down to the bone ’til you’re yesterday’s news!
what’s more, it doesn’t need any goddam excuses
it’ll blend then swill you like some vegan juices
so, you’d better not be messing with the bum breathing turtles
if you don’t want to rest in pieces between the scrubs of myrtles

© All rights reserved 2021

12 thoughts on “the fitzroy killer

  1. Turtles are a symbol of perseverance and strength. I find it inspiring creature and shows us the value of waiting for the right time even if it takes ages! If not now, may be in some other parallel world, on a different species skin? 😉

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