‘To open or unfasten by withdrawing a bolt.’ (Merriam-Webster)

Why ‘unbolt’?

Like introverts everywhere we prefer to sit inside our dark private sheds. And while we may prefer to hide our writings inside big wooden chests – behind bolt and bar – the time comes when those chests overflow. It’s time to unbolt, to open the chests. It’s time to show what is hidden.

You probably won’t find here brightly colored pictures, hit songs, etc. We want to keep a focus on the texts. We want to give absolute freedom for your inner vision because we trust you completely, dear Readers.

We want to create an adventure for you. There are no dead-ends or wrong turns. Every click is teleportation, a turn of the key and another open door for you. We call upon you to not be shy! You can touch, click and explore every nook here!

We also recommend that you pay attention to the comments. Sometimes a discussion below the main post is no less interesting than the post itself. We promise that you’ll find verses and prose there, brightly colored pictures, hit songs, etc. Our dearest Writers and Readers are always creative!

Okay… enough of the introduction. Are you ready for your first click?

(A tip for those who don’t like the Brownian motion and prefer to go according to a more accurate plan.) The menu with Categories is hidden to the left under the small striped square. It’s a pretty handy way to navigate here.

Feel free to contact us –

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1,191 thoughts on “unbolt

  1. One word in particular comes to mind after reading your post, it’s “quirky”. As writers, I believe we all have a quirky side that some will understand while others will not but, isn’t that just like anything else in this world. Continue to write what you’re passionate about. Thanks Tetiana for visiting and liking my blog post at http://www.mytakeliahammett.com. I really appreciate it.

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  2. Yeah… so I was checking on who was “liking” my blog and I can’t even focus on your page. It’s literally a dyslexic nightmare. Whatever YOU wanna say, is lost on me… because whatever advice yer schllin’ I don’t f*cking need. Ya’ll can go away now. I don’t want your likes. YOU have nuthin’ to do with what I am doing. Go AWAY “Tony Single” and other cartoon gravatars…

    Liked by 3 people

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