just sorry,
for all the confusion I have caused,
for the dilemmas I have brought to you,
and for all the nerves that I have cost.

Mama I am sorry, oh,
for all the weirdness I let through,
for the choices that I poorly chose,
and for all the crazy things that only I would do.

I am sorry everyone,
for all the questions I have asked,
for every time you thought I misbehaved,
or all those playground days you picked me last,
guess I just didn’t pay attention,
or even fell asleep in class during ‘Normal 101’.

I’m sorry world,
for living life the way to make it fun,
for expressing my own happiness,
and all in all for being a piece of work,
that will always stay undone!

Now the one thing I am truly sorry for,
is for the sadness I’ll leave behind,
if my eyes and thoughts should decide one day,
that now it’s time to go blind.

But honey don’t you worry child,
I’ll try to leave this world alive,
and even if I don’t make it dear,
at least I’ve lived a happy life,
although I failed and I just made it halfway through,
you can still tell them my stories,
and let them know about all the crazy things only I would do,
know every time you tell them I’ll be sitting here,
enjoying all my memories with a happy smile,
because it was quite a ride!

I’ll see you in a while!

© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // Living Rats Saw God (Haiku) by Ry Hakari

Carrot-sun, sky-stick
Change, chased to the horizon,
every eve, escapes

Last night I dreamed I
shaved my head to symbolize
this loss of progress

“Life is a rat race —
crawled bald, cradle to the grave”,
Wise Solomon says

Simple Simons say,
“Happiness is denying
cold reality”

I’m caught in between
dying in light of the truth,
accepting my lot

Living a half-life
in darkness of denial
of what I can see

I want to believe
things are better then they seem,
living lucid dreams…

I want to believe
my future’s not this fragile,
living denial…

I want to believe
where there’s a will, there’s a way,
living life, not lies…

I want to believe
when I die, life was worthwhile,
winning the rat race…

Søren Kierkegaard,
Christian Devil’s Advocate,
just like me, has said

“Life can only be
understood backwards; but it
must be lived forwards”

I want to believe
and read backwards “dog was star”,
living “rats saw god”

© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // A Change by Spahr Plops

Don’t let gray
get grayer
graver could go
but I hope for
a reddy heady
bun babble about
anything peelable like
clementine counters

She set a coaster
and a cup of sweet
southern, lime over
lemon – already had
freshly started morning
sips of perky breath
blown my way

My direction
eventually persuaded
realized wrongful waste
thanks to her taste
full of ambiance

But mostly smiled then
because she said
“Don’t be such an ass”

© All rights reserved 2015


I was licking it like a kitten licks its fur.
I was combing and coaxing it ‘purr… purr…’
It snorted at me and ran away to online.
My disheveled doggerel with the waggly last line…

© All rights reserved 2015