CRUMBLE CULT // A Compilation

crumble-cult-210Have you missed a previous Crumble Cult, or want to locate your favorite strip again? Or maybe you need to find some incriminating evidence to confirm your opinion of the authors? Then feel free to click and read to your heart’s content! Or discontent…


Is Crumble Cult not enough buttery goodness for you?
Then why not check out The Crumbcast, an ongoing podcast series in which Tony talks about the comic, life, and other things. And ums. And ahs. A lot.

© All rights reserved 2016

39 thoughts on “CRUMBLE CULT // A Compilation

    • Thank you, Mark, for letting us touch this story. Vibrant, transparent, bittersweet… it’s your unique voice and there’s no way to mistake. I would bet that it’s your writings even if I didn’t know it 🙂

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    • That’s a lovely thing to say Tati. I liked what you did with the ending and the playlist of course which I felt added to the pathos. Hopefully we can all do it again.

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