I look at you.
I smell a rat.

Your familiar coo
And your skin is matt.
Hallelujah is in your voice
And this smell is my biggest hardship.

It looks like I have no choice.
I again stand on this airstrip.

I look at you.
I smell a rat.

My thoughts are a clew.
Bryan Adams sings… Drat!
It’s time to pay my invoice.
It’s time to break this grip.

Love loves to love love.
Do you love Joyce?
I see how you’re touching your lip…

I look at you.
You smell like a rat!

All this makes me spew.
I take up my gat.

© All rights reserved 2014

43 thoughts on “Ulysses

    • Aww… thank you… it’s the best response! Please, feel free… thinking and laughing and even crying are allowed on my blog! I’m always here for you with a clean handkerchief 😉


  1. I tried to read Joyce’s Ulysses years ago when I was in art college. I didn’t understand it, so I find your poem much more agreeable. Now, let me just grab my (imaginary) cat and settle in to read more of your wordsmithery! (I really do wish I had a cat. Ulysses had a loyal dog though. Its name was Argos, and it waited years for its master to return. When Ulysses finally got home, the dog saw and then died. That’s either a very sad story or very heartwarming. I still don’t know which!) 😛

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  2. Nice!
    It’s fun to read these comments. I studied Joyce under Dr. Bob Spoo (many years ago as an undergraduate) at the University of Tulsa (how Joyce’s personal items, papers, & Biblioteque National library card came to Oklahoma is a mystery to me…The James Joyce Quarterly too).
    Is it possible to give a spoiler to Ulysses?
    “and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.”

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    • Oh, thank you!

      Thank you for your praise for my modest poem and our unbridled comments 🙂
      That is why I advised on my main page to pay attention on comments here… It’s something like a hellish mix of alter-world, looking glass, outlaws and a commune of hippie 🙂 You’re welcome! Join to our fun get-together! Feel free!
      You can see that I’m pretty strict and grey in my writings, but the basement here lives with own vivid life… and I really like this!

      P.S. It’s one of my favorites comments here…

      P.P.S. Thank you again!


  3. I like it! I’ve never read Joyce’s Ulysses, so some of the ideas are lost on me, though I did pick up a copy of the book along with a ton of other books at a used book sale this summer! From the time when I was around 11 years old and up, I spent my childhood reading mostly Stephen King novels, though I’ve had Ulysses highly recommended to me by several people!

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